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What is Black Plague Gold?

Black Plague Gold is an old recipe made from 100% natural ingredients, passed down for generations, used to fight common health issues and boost the immune system as well as overall health.

Revived from the harshest time on earth – the time of the black plague. In this brew is the secret to survival. This brew is made for grit.

This is for people who are not in the long process of giving up.  It has everything to do with age, but nothing to do with your job, your gender, or whether you live in orange county or hazard county.  It has to do with being who you are and owning it.

"The greatest steel comes from the hottest fire..."

Our Story

On his quest to transform lives around the world, Christopher De Santi needing healing and transformation in his own life. After getting sick 5 times in one year as an intern he realized he would never make it on stage 38 weekends a year. Nothing was working and he needed something to literally kick the ass of the sickness. After researching elixirs of old he decided to venture into his own kitchen with his wife Lori and started putting Mother Nature to work. From there Black Plague Gold was born. 

The simplest ingredients that pack the greatest punch for sickness and health born from a process in which all the goodness of garlic, ginger, horseradish, turmeric, and habanero peppers is leeched out over time through the healing power of apple cider vinegar. It has protected us through many plagues of old and this special recipe will work for .. whatever plagues you.  

Drink up to the strongest experience of health you ever tasted.



As a requirement to have our brew certified to be sold in stores, I needed to attend this course and perfect our process. I am proud to say we have done it and are certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Our brew is not only potent but it also now available to everyone

Children's Foundation


We believe in contributing and helping to make the world a better place. We are currently supporting the efforts of the AJC Children’s Foundation. Chris and I personally know one of the founding members. We know that 100% of the monies received go to the children of Honduras. These children have lived in chaos and poverty and now have an opportunity to go to school, have food in their bellies and actively participate in being children. I adopted a child years ago and he is now a young man working with a family of his own. He also spends time at the center with the boys who reside there now. Powerful space where children heal and adults are responsible. Your purchase of the “brew” helps us contribute to their mission and give back


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