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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Might It Look Different ?

We source local natural ingredients and because of the ingredients there can be differences in color and even taste. We use the same recipe that we have perfected  over the years  for each batch.


Is It Organic?

The majority of the brew is organic as we use organic apple cider vinegar as the base and most of the ingredients we use are organic. We seek to use locally sourced ingredients which are not always organic.

Can it Be Diluted?

While you can dilute it, we suggest for maximum efficiency we do not suggest diluting it, or even chasing it with water. If the taste is too strong at first, you can chase it with a lemon or lime. Remember this is not just a drink, it is an EXPERIENCE. Diluting also dilutes the effects and the experience. 

How Long Does It Last?

We suggest consuming it within 6 months of opening, but in reality, it can remain good for up to 24 months or even longer.

Will I Get Drunk?

No. The process of fermentation converts sugar into alcohol and then bacteria converts it into acetic acid. By the time apple cider vinegar meets the brew, there isn’t sufficient alcohol to get someone drunk.

Why the "Swish"?

There have been numerous reports showing that digestion begins in the mouth. The swish gets the digestive juices flowing

Can I Get Sick?

No. The process of fermentation converts sugar into alcohol. The only alcohol that would be present in the brew is minor amount from the apple cider vinegar which wouldn’t be sufficient to make someone drunk. The process we use to make the brew doesn’t add any additional alcohol as there is no sugar in the ingredients we use. 

We do not recommend taking it on an empty stomach. There can be minor upset for some people if taken on an empty stomach while for others it doesn’t effect them at all. Additionally some people have asked us about botulism and is it possible to get it with taking the brew? 

Botulism needs a low acidity environment to grow and is found often in canned foods. Apple cider vinegar is higher in acidity and isn’t canned so there is no concern of botulism when taking the brew. It is also why it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

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